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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I let my pet have a litter?


Every year many many animals are euthanized because there are simply too many. Please don't contribute to this problem by breeding. Show your family the miracle of birth in a video instead. (Besides, most births are at night so families don't get to see the big event anyway.)

When should I spay/neuter my pet?


Dogs and cats can be spayed or neutered anytime after 8 weeks of age and 2 pounds of weight. Recent studies show pets neutered at a young age have more tendon problems as adults. If possible, wait until the bones are done growing. 

Should I vaccinate my pet?


Yes, if your pet is healthy, they should be vaccinated for rabies and other contagious diseases. The vaccinations should be tailored to your pet's life style. If vaccines make you nervous or your pet has an immune problem, titer testing is available for some diseases. 

What is 'Valley Fever'?


Valley Fever is a fungal disease that causes lameness, coughing, weight loss, lethargy and a variety of symptoms in humans as well as animals. For more details regarding the clinical signs click here. For information of testing click here.

Are grain-free diets better?


No! Grain-free diets that contain legumes, peas, potatoes and/or sweet potatoes have caused dilated cardiomyopathy in dogs and cats. For a list compiled by the FDA of the problem foods please see Dr. Nelson's Veterinary Blog. 

What is 'snake training'?


In areas with venomous snakes, dogs can have snake avoidance training to keep them safe. Electric collars deliver a shock when the dog smells the snake. This training is not suitable for all dogs. More rattlesnake info at  Dr. Nelson's Veterinary Blog.